"Using Our Gifts As Weapons to Produce Blessings."

Troop Life Records is a vision that Christian/ Inspirational artist Ray June, started around May 2016. The term "Troop" stems from the well known quote, "Soldier in the army of The Lord." When you see/hear that term, that's what we mean. A Troop is simply one who has made the decision to give their life to Christ, and serve in his army. Every person on this earth has a special gift/talent that they have been blessed with in this life, and what we do with these gifts is up to us. Those who choose to take those gifts and fight, become family to Troop Life.

One can say that this is a platform to help individuals, no matter the talent, spread their God given gift to the world. Though music is very relevant to the vision, being that it started with an artist, the overall goal & purpose is much more than music. Believe it or not, there is a spiritual war going on daily, and how can you win if you are not equipped? That's the duty of a Troop. Equipping those in need so that they will be prepared. God is gracious to give us all that we need, but it's our responsibility to utilize. Stay Troopy!


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